MarineBlue in Review – You’ll Feel Like You’re Drowning

MarineBlue is essentially a shoot-em-up game by developer IndieAn (makers of the hit game Heavy Mach 2 (TMA Review)). Your character is some kind of sea creature (your guess is as good as mine), and the idea is to tap the screen to shoot at other underwater beasties to stop them from reaching the bottom of the screen. When they do, they’ll start eating away at the time you’ve got to play the level, which is 180 seconds. The idea is to get the best score you can in the time you have.

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Heavy Mach 2 in Review – Putting the heavy in top down shooters

Heavy Mach 2 is a sequel to Heavy Mach (TMA Review) – a critically acclaimed side-scroller that went live about a year ago. Heavy Mach featured solid gameplay and an interesting interface using the accelerometer to control horizontal movement. At the same time it’s not simple matter of evolution – Heavy Mach 2 has been reworked from scratch and it would be completely fair to say that the only thing in common between it and its older sibling is its parent developer: IndieAn.

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Heavy Mach assaults App Store, $2.99 + Impressions

heavymach1Already with two smaller apps under their belt (Fortune Egg and BPop), developer IndieAn has gone all out this time round with the release of Heavy Mach, a surprisingly fun and engaging side scrolling tank game. According to the app description:

Tank action game with full of reality, HEAVY MACH.!” Let’s enjoy a realistic tank shooting game with its easy control specialized to the iPhone device”.

While I wouldn’t exactly consider Heavy Mach to be a realistic tank shooting game (when was the last time you saw a real tank do double jumps?), I do love the sweet graphics , great controls and the ability to level up your tank in three different categories. Let’s have a closer look at some of the games features.

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