imo chat app updated with new design, group photo sharing and iPhone 5 support

imo, the all-in-one chat app that has 700,000 daily users and an average of 50 million messages sent per day, has been updated to version 3.3 on iOS. Aside from the support for iPhone 5’s 16:9 screen, imo’s iPhone interface has been completely redesigned to give its users a more streamlined experience. Gone are the bottom taps, which have been replaced by a left/right swipe gestures that reveal both Profile & Settings (ala Facebook) and accounts for the various services you’ve set up.

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imo instant messenger for iOS updated with voice calls

There’s now one more reason to use imo instant messenger on the iPhone. With the latest update, the all-in-one chat app can now make voice calls over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G between imo users. All that’s required is an iDevice running iOS 3.1+ (or Android phone) and some friends who have imo installed. Unlike other popular messaging apps on iOS (Whatsapp, Viber), imo lets you connect with friends from existing IM accounts, including Skype, MSN, Google Chat, Facebook, Yahoo and more. Other features include group messaging, voice IMs, persistent push notifications (1 week after app closed) and searchable chat history. One other cool thing is that you can head over to on your desktop web browser and do pretty much the same thing.  If you haven’t checked out imo yet, it’s completely free well worth the space on your iPhone/iPad.

imo instant messenger, imo instant messenger – Free

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