Giggles with iJiggles: Interview with Tod Baudais

picture-20Since the grave matter between Wobble and iJiggles is already a touchy subject, I thought that listening to Paul Oakenfold’s Bunkka and Eminem’s The Marshal Mather’s LP whilst typing an intro to a little review we had recently with Mr. Jiggles himself would do no harm.  While we have not done a formal review of either Wobble or iJiggles, we have played with both and the verdict really is this:  if all you want is breasts, then Wobble is the choicest of choices but if you want to have fun with other non-genital-ish body parts, then iJiggles is your best bet.

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iBoobs is back: and Big in Japan

Before you get the idea that I am only on about ‘boobs’, I must deny that I am. However, I just keep finding the same sort of app popping up all over internet. iJiggles admittedly offers some interesting options for things for you to get off your chest but the persistence of a silly idea and then the follower apps is unbelievable. Anyway, this video is made for Japan as iBoobs main views came from the land of the samurai.

Thanks to appbank for the tip.

For People and Pervs: iJiggles and Wobble

Yes, you have heard it correctly, the iPhone is the newest and easiest way for peepers to grab thrills from the safety of a 3.5 inch screen.  All that is required is a couple of female friends who don’t mind baring their chests for your private enjoyment or a telephoto lens, camouflage trousers, a tripod, the fall of evening and patience.  iBoobs, a rejected app had the wrong premise:  3D modelled moving breasts attract unwanted attention and get old quickly.  What real pervs need is either  iJiggles or for the less creative Wobble.

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