forChan app ousted from App Store – dangerous precedent set

forChan was nothing more than an image browser. Point and click it to an URL and oila!, images pop up. Though cute dogs are included in the app, after a little cut and pasting, you can have full-blown prawns swimming on your iDevice. But sometime in the last few hours, Apple removed it from the App Store after approving in a nearly record-time of only 12 hours (cheeky bastards). This was bound to happen, but as Gizmodo pointed out, Apple have set a dangerous precedent: forChan is just a browser. Safari, too, is just a browser.

Whether you are a prawn fan or not, Apple need to get the message that their rub and tug tactics are tiringly sick. Apple, Safari is nothing more than a browser. It also has fewer limits for prawning it up than forChan did. Serious skin fans can have a lot more fun with YOUR APP than with any App Store software.

You might also look at the following tweaks which allow iPhone prawn:

forChan – Apple-approved porn for the new year

Cute puppies, eh? That is what the world will be saying in defence of  forChan, the new app which has a little more under the bonnet than a few cuddly wan-chans. iHustleApps little app is stealth porn; it has made it well under Apple’s surface-to-unfair missile radar and was approved in under 12 hours. But forChan is more than just another break, it is a breakthrough in the world of iDevice porn.

forChan iHustleApps, forChan – $0.99 RIP

Sad news prawnies – Apple have pulled forChan from the App Store. Safari next?

pics and more after the gappy:

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