Unleash your drumming skills on the iDevice with iDrum

iDrum kit for iPhone and iPad

While there are plenty of drumming apps for the iDevice, you’d be hard pressed to find an actual drum pad that’s designed especially for the iPhone and iPad. Not only will a physical accessory make the experience more fun (and realistic), but it’ll also save your screen from the constant whacking. Enter Dream Cheeky’s iDrum, a (rechargeable) bluetooth 7 piece drum kit that connects to your iDevice. With the free iDrum Sound System app, it’ll let you jam along with your favorite tunes and even learn how to drum with pre-programmed songs. You can also record and playback your jam sessions to see if all those hours practicing with makeshift drumsticks have finally paid off. The iDrum will ship on May 31, 2012 and can be pre-ordered now for $69.99. Check out the video of the iDrum in action after the break.

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