Tweet Your Poop – finally, feral feces!


If Twitter ain’t the iPhone of social sites, I don’t know what is. Tweet Your Poop offers what every sullied voyeur has dreamed of: a platform to debut her poo. Whether it be to track bodily changes, growth spurts, weight loss, or simply to collect ’em all, Tweet Your Poop packs it all in. Sadly, however, the app may lack the real sh*t. While the iPhone has a great camera (this ain’t the time for discussion), you can also use the app with an iPod touch, meaning it doesn’t take real poo pics. Rather, you choose an avatar to represent your detritus, and then send it to Twitter like an unclean effigy. For those whose proud bowels lack excitement, what better way than Tweet Your Poop knead a little expression into their otherwise crappy existence?

Idan Beck, Tweet Your Poop, 0.99$, 0.2 MB
Tweet Your Poop

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