Some tips for your next app idea submission

If you’ll recall from the interview we did with iCrowdApps a few months ago, this team of iPhone devs want to pay you ($500 to be exact) for your brilliant app ideas. Since they get their fair share of submissions, only those that truly stand out warrant serious consideration. And recently, Ted Kao (who also started contributing app reviews here at TMA), wrote a blog post highlighting some ideas that could point you in the right direction – and increase your chances for the extra dough.  Check it out below!

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Interview with iCrowdApps – Get Paid for your App Ideas

In the past, we’ve posted several iPhone development articles that ranged from learning how to get started with iOS programming, or for those who are allergic to coding, finding that right developer for that app project. But what if you neither want to become an iPhone developer or have the need to hire a dev to create an app? What if you simply have an idea that you want turned into quick and easy cash?

This is where iCrowdApps come into play. Fairly new to the iDevice arena, this small team of individuals want your brilliant app ideas and they’re willing to pay you $500 for simply submitting them. Of course, they won’t just pay you for any idea; they have to be something that truly stands out and potentially worth investing their time and money in. And recently, Ted Kao from iCrowdapps was nice enough to join me in a Q&A for TMA readers and give us a little more insight into his company.

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