iBlast Moki HD readies for iPad launch

The iPad’s launch date is less than 2 weeks away and developers have been working around the clock to bring you ¬†games and apps made specifically for the device. Godzilab Games is one such dev and they’ve announced that their beloved iBlast Moki (TMA review) is getting an all new HD version for the iPad. Here are some early details:

  • Entirely new graphics. All graphics have been redone in high resolution to get crisp and highly detailed graphics on the iPad.
  • Wider vision of each level to take advantage of the wide 9.7 inch screen. This will be especially useful in the built-in level editor.
  • All menus have been redesigned and optimized for a better player experience.
  • New version of Plus+ designed for the iPad.

iBlast Moki’s success on the iPhone should make for an even better experience on the iPad, with better graphics and more real estate to play with. Fans of the hit game who’ll be buying an iPad should definitely keep an eye out for its release around launch date. More screens after the gap.

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