Yahoo! – iAd’s “going to fall apart”

iAds mobile advertising and Big Brother Steve

Yahoo!’s badmouthing big boss, Carol Bartz, may or may not be onto something. iAd, she says, “is going to fall apart for [Apple]”. Apple’s mobile advert platform, while locked into the de facto most popular mobile platform (it still is), is just that: locked in. Jobsian, draconian, whatever you want to call it, it’s got its fair share of detractors. At least it is out of the woods regarding antitrust. Google’s AdMob has shown great income potential for certain developers despite Android Marketplace’s rampant problems with porn and piracy. But back to iAd; we won’t know whether or not it is a success for a while. DaringFireball’s John Gruber tends to think we should wait a year.

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Vocalia Sponsored Edition integrates iAd Rich Media Ads

Mons, Belgium – Creaceed today releases one of the first iPhone apps embedding the appealing iAd rich media ads. “Vocalia Sponsored Edition” is a new version of Vocalia, their voice-controlled assistant app for the iPhone. Creaceed’s free app is fully compatible with iOS4 (Multitasking and Retina Display Support), and it offers a quality alternative – with some unique features – to the built-in voice control feature of the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

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Nissan LEAF iAd demo

Apple’s North American iAd Network debuted July 1st and some of the major ads have already begun to roll out on iOS 4 devices. Aside from going head-to-head with Googles Admob ad platform, iAds is supposed to redefine how users experience and interact with advertising on your iPhone. One of the first and most notable iAd campaigns to appear is Nissan’s 100% electric car, the LEAF. Take a look at the Nissan iAd demo and see just how far ads have come in comparison to the static mobile ads of old. If all future iAds are even half as good as this, end users will probably not mind spending a minute or two checking out the latest interactive ads.

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Apple, iAds and Antitrust – whose war is it, Google?

iAds mobile advertising and Big Brother Steve:

It was bound to happen, right? Google got AdMob through thanks to Apple’s clever competition, iAds. But afterward, Apple pulled the welcome mat from big time advertisers such as Google’s AdMob. While Apple and Google are at it, the devs they represent are caught in a nasty loop. Adverts are their stake, their money, their hard work – a portion that the recent Apple/Google spat is threatening. Competition is good for driving innovation in the hardware/software market, but get over it Apple and Google: the advertising segment isn’t about you, it’s about the developers. Forcing them to take sides will win you an antitrust lawsuit which I hope both of you lose.

Apple: don’t tout your 200 000 apps then bar certain devs from advertising portion on the iDevice because they are represented by AdMob.

Google: quit whining. John Gruber is right: you started it.

It’s time for Big Evil and Big Brother to take the little guy, the dev, seriously. Taking sides in the news is one thing, banning your customers, is another.

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