Dorkly’s Angry Birds Strategy [Video]

Ever wondered why those slimy green Pigs in Angry Birds are hoarding all those bird eggs? Does that even make sense? Well, Dorkly has recently posted a hilarious video that attempts to give us an insight as to why those bloody birds don’t just fly and reason behind the egg stealin’. It’s even more funny that the last Angry Birds Peace Treaty video. If you want a good laugh, check out the full clip after the gap.

Thanks to our friends over at KRAPPS for spotting this one!

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Apple VS The Onion – A crying shame over the iPhone 3GI


The Onion is without a doubt an oft’ quoted American resource. Whether junk-attached to emails or headlining at reputable blogs (sic), much like Oprah, it is out there and ready for a consuming public. In 28 July’s article, Apple got what could have been another funny kick in the pants from a hardy-har The Onion news story about the latest iPhone, the 3GI. The premise was great, a new – and this time invisible – product from Apple which offers much less than any other phone on the market, unless you are a believer.

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