Humble Indie Bundle V launches – Pay what you want for several awesome games

The Humble Indie Bundle’s back and with it, a number of amazing games which you can nab for as much – or as little – as you wish to pay. Like the previous H.I.Bs, you pay what you want, and the money can be split between charity or the developers. This time around, you’ll get the likes of Amnesia: The Dark Desent, Psychonauts, LIMBO and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. And if you pony up more than the (current) average of $7.70, the absolutely fantastic action rpg Bastion (which was released on the Mac App Store recently) is thrown in as well. All 5 of these games would otherwise cost $110 if bought separately. Once purchased, they can be be played on Windows, Mac or Linux, and for an extra $1, you’ll also be sent a steam key (unlock the games directly from Steam). The H.I.B’s sold over 271,000 bundles already and you have until June 14th to take advantage of this great offer (and donate some money to a worthwhile cause in the process).

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Less than 12 hours to go to grab your Humble Indie Bundle #3

In case you missed this amazing deal, the Humble Indie Bundle #3 will expire in less than 12 hours. So what is HIB?  Basically, the premise is you pay what you want and a number of quality games (all DRM free and playable on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms) will be yours to own for good. The money you pay can then be allotted to either charity, the developers involved or both. And as of a few days ago, the games from HIB #2 were also added to this current bundle. So if you spend more than the average of $5.81, you’ll essentially be getting $100 worth of games. Games that you can find on the Mac App Store for at least $9.99 each, like BraidCogsAnd Yet It Moves, and Machinarium. Personally, paying $10 for just Machinarium is worth it – this adventure puzzle game is absolutely splendid.

With over 353,000 bundles sold and $2 million raised, the HIB initiative has been a great success – not to mention that it’s a win-win situation for everyone. So what are you waiting for then? Go make the purchase and tell your friends. Loads of sweet games are just a few clicks away.

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