OMG, what is the world coming to? iPod, iPhone, iPad… iHTC?

I don’t think anyone would argue that at the moment the iOS is the best OS for a touchscreen device, period. The Android, while having some inarguable advantages like the openness of the platform and the absence of the extraodinary amount of control that Apple has over its product, still has quite a way to go to compare to the polished excellence of iOS. Still, even for the Android fans there is a way out if they’re the owners of an early iPhone – the OpeniBoot project, making it possible to run Google’s entry in the mobile OS space on the Jesus phone. But what if you’re one of those unlucky bunch, wishing for the miracle that is the iOS but stuck with a saintly Android phone? Apparently there is a way out!

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T-Mobile: switch to HTC HD2, bag 350$

Even after the HTC & Google VS Apple bad patent press, Apple and the iPhone are still doing well. But if you’ve had enough of great apps, games, and general compatibility, why not drop AT&T and head to the nation’s next-next-next best carrier? T-Mobile have as much as 350$ for you if you do:

…trade in your iPhone through participating T-Mobile dealers, through 1-800-TMOBILE and if you know how to find them, your Business Direct Sales Representative. Now let us be clear, this offer IS NOT good at corporate locations, only PARTICIPATING T-Mobile dealers. Start with a minimum $100 credit and you can get as much as $350 toward the purchase of an HD2.

From Tmonews

Apple VS HTC VS Google – patents gavelled over in new lawsuit

The iPhone is the template for the modern smartphone. Its UI, App Store, and looks each have spawned dozens of look, act, and sell-alikes. But that may be the problem. Apple patented many aspects of its UI and from yesterday, have embroiled themselves in a battle with HTC (and by analogue, Google) in an effort to protect their innovations. If they can successfully defend their patents, it will be a major win for Apple, but also for software lawsuits in general which have never faired as well in debating the finer points of design and intellectual property.

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Next iPhone Rumours Get Sharp, Really Sharp – HD on your iPhone


The HD iPhone has been added into the grind as rumour mills expect new Apple mobile hardware in the next few months. According to Phonenews, Apple are clawing in their current generation iDevice-compatible AV cable accessories. Vendors are asked to liquidate Apple’s shitty shifty prior iDevice AV cables that harbour encryption chips which as of OS 2.0, disallow cheaper 3rd party options. The new cables are purported to allow both composite and component outputs which older versions did not.
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