Holograms in Review – Turning 2D Pics Into 3D Masterpieces


I would like to consider myself a bit of an iPhoneographer, considering I’ve had an iPhone for around a year and have taken over 700 pictures with it. There’s a plethora of photo editing apps on the App Store, even ones which can be considered “portable PhotoShops”. While regular photo editing apps let you tweak around with the RBG and contrasts of pictures, I still find the majority lacking that extra bit of “flare” which show off the capabilities of the iDevice. One sub-section of iPhoneography that is pretty much absent in the App Store is hologram effect apps (mainly because it’s impossible to perfectly replicate a hologram on the iDevice). Well, Holograms by Mach Kobayashi (the genius behind the dice physics engine in WordFu possible), lets you create the closest thing to a real hologram in a matter of seconds.

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