Mistwalker Game Imminent – Final Fantasy on the iPhone maybe a reality

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the mastermind behind the fabled Final Fantasy series, now has his mind set on Apple’s mobile gaming platform – the iPhone. Mr. Sakaguchi and his team at Mistwalker rung in the New Year with a bang and teaser message on the website:

“2010 is the year of my long-awaited new blockbuster project…
Oh, by the way, We are also working on a project for iPhone.
This should be released soon as well.
We will put our efforts together and do our best!
I’m sure you’ll Love it.”

While no more information was given, it’s more than enough to make us salivate and hope that the game runs along the lines of Final Fantasy or Blue Dragon. Whatever the case maybe, just knowing that this “blockbuster project”  is being created by a gaming legend is more than enough reassurance that it will indeed be awesome.

So, 2010 has arrived on a positive note thus far, and there’s much to look forward to.

Let the speculating commence!

[via kotaku]