Official walkthrough for 7th Guest released on the App Store

When I reviewed the port of The 7th Guest, the legendary PC adventure, I noted that some of the puzzles there can be quite tricky. And that even despite the built-in hint system in the game. Apparently I was not the only one thinking this and due to popular demand Trilobyte released an official walkthrough app for this excellent game – The 7th Guest: Book of Secrets.

One might argue whether it is actually fair to charge an additional $0.99 for the information, already freely available on the internet for anyone who cares to look. But then again, those web-savvy people probably won’t buy this app. For those who are stuck, however, and don’t wish to burden themselves the Book of Secrets presents a great way out of the conundrum.

The 7th Guest: Book of Secrets Trilobyte, The 7th Guest: Book of Secrets, 11.10MB – $0.99

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