Price Drop: Heavy Gunner 3D FREE for limited time!

Heavy Gunner 3D, one of the more addictive and action packed games to have been released for the iPhone/iPod Touch is now FREE for a day. This adrenaline charged dual-stick shooter remains my favorite Com2uS game and is perfect for short spurts of mindless blasting. shigzeo reviewed Heavy Gunner and had this to say:

It is a hell of a lot of fun, and honestly, an overwhelming deal…if you like action, explosions, repetition, and great graphics, Heavy Gunner 3D transports you into Matrix-like mayhem which is a blast at its price! [$2.99]

Unless SQUARE ENIX’s Chaos Rings drops to free right now, you won’t find a better freebie deal on the App Store today. If you haven’t already purchased the game, don’t miss out on this sweet offer!

HEAVY GUNNER 3D Com2uS Inc., HEAVY GUNNER 3D (TMA Review) – Free

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Heavy Gunner 3D in review – More “One” than Keanu Reeves

Com2uS’s Heavy Gunner 3D ain’t a mouthful, but it sure is a handful. Dual-analogue, tilt controls, explosions, and a hell of a lot of alien invaders – a great legacy for an iDevice shooter. In Heavy Gunner’s explosions and heated action, I’m reminded of an early advert for the Dreamcast which explained, “thing’s never blew up so well”. And indeed they didn’t – that is, until now. 2.99$ is a bargain for this much ‘defend Zion!’ fun!

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Heavy Gunner 3D – Lock, load, and unleash hell!

Heavy Gunner 3D is out and serving up 3D action for alien-blasting fans. The action takes place in a cockpit behind dual turrets. Com2uS paid special attention to making killing alien scum fun and intuitive, so apart from pretty nice graphics, Heavy Gunner has a lot of great upgrades and a pretty solid control scheme to recommend it other than its dubbing as ‘Matrix Revolution gunning’ for the iDevice. TouchMyApps will be looking at it later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for our trigger-friendly review. Till then, feel free to discuss Heavy Gunner 3D in our forums.


Piccies, gameplay footage and more after the gap:

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