Camera and curves – is this the 4th gen iPod touch?

Everyone knows that Apple releases iPod hardware in the Fall. This year, like last year will see new iPod touch, nano and maybe Classic models. New hardware isn’t news at all. Still, when purported leaks fire up the interweb, the rumours-mills churn. We are churning. HardMac came across the above picture of the purported new iPod touch from an accessory maker. As you can see, it sports the often-rumoured rear-mounted camera. It’s also lost its black birthmark. Unlike the iPhone 4, however, the ‘leaked’ iPod touch looks to retain its curves.

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Chip-Eating Habit: Nand Cornered by Apple

rumours-apple-nand-mogulIn what is sure to be an unsurprising move, Apple are again hoarding new chips: mostly from Samsung. But, before any0ne goes on to speculate about weight problems and the hardening of arteries, we can conjecture that Apple’s survival of last year’s engorging prior to the iPhone’s 3G release will ensure their continued health and prosperity. This ain’t Space Trader: Moon Madness – Apple don’t have to buy low and sell high – they just need to start consuming and the market, analysts and hype take over.

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