Guns’n’Glory in Review – The only good settler is a dead settler!

The Tower Defence genre has bit kind of stale lately. Apart from the release of the solid, but in no way revolutionising Star Wars: Battle for Hoth (TMA Review)  I don’t think there have been a title worthy of note for at least a few months. That’s why the arrival of Guns’n’Glory from HandyGames was even more welcome. But to further spike my interest it not only boasted mobile towers and a fresh perspective of being the bad guy, but a full featured FREE, albeit ad-supported Guns’n’Glory FREE version.

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Puzzlegeddon in review – it’s puzzle Armageddon!

Puzzlegeddon 1

I’ve played lots of app store puzzle games now, so it’s taking more and more new ideas for a game to really catch my attention. Puzzlegeddon does a good job of introducing some new elements to the mix: a twist on the puzzle mechanics of color-matching as well as a bit of an added role-play/strategy element. And while an it’s ultimately an enjoyable game in and of itself, there are also a few things that keep it from being a complete homerun.

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