Fruit Ninja Update: Level up your Ninja Skills with New Arcade Mode

Halfbrick Studios, the developers of Age of Zombies, have released a smashing new update for Fruit Ninja on the iPhone and iPad. Arcade Mode is the most intense and exciting addition to Fruit Ninja yet, with 60 seconds on the clock to achieve the highest score possible.

According to Halfbrick, “Arcade Mode adds so much more to the value and satisfaction of Fruit Ninja, while still keeping the simplicity and ease of play as top priority!” That’s not all – slice one of the bonus colored bananas which fly up on screen and get ready for action!

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Monster Dash By Halfbrick Close On the Heels of their iPhone Hit Fruit Ninja

Following the phenomenal success of Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick Studios will soon be rolling out a promising new iPhone game – Monster Dash.

Monster Dash is an action game that follows the adventures of Barry Steakfries as he runs and shoots monsters with nothing to lose! Steakfries travels through portals to visit exotic world locations, battling demons, mummies, vampires and more!

This platformer makes use of two buttons only – jump and shoot. This is a marked change from the free-for-all swipe controls previously found on Fruit Ninja. However, if you’re concerned about ramping up the difficulty, the action speeds up and changes gears with each new location, with weapon and health pickups along the way. There are a variety of hilarious weapons such as the one shot Pacifier, Mr. Zappy, and the ultimate Machine Gun Jetpack!

The game is all about running as far as possible while shooting monsters along the way. Compete on the Openfeint leaderboards for top score and to collect awards. Expect a lot of pizzazz and a quirky new hero in Halfbrick’s upcoming release. Are you ready to do the Monster Dash? Video trailer after the gap!

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Blast Off in review – Have You Seen My Astronaut?

I never realised that being an astronaut was such a dangerous profession, but apparently it’s pretty easy to get lost and end up floating around in space. At least, that’s what Blast Off would have you to believe. As captain of a space ship it’s your job to retrieve lost astronauts and get them back safely to wherever it is they belong. Thankfully that’s not important to complete the game, but if it makes you feel better just make up a home base for them. Blast Off combines physics, thought, determination, and tiny but cool little graphics to make a fun outer space action / puzzle game. Feel free to discuss this review of Blast off in our forums.

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