E-Blues 1.2 released – Learn Guitar with your iPhone

Toulouse, France – Independent software developer David Palmerio today is pleased to announce the release of E-Blues 1.2, his new blues music learning tool for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Discover and learn the Blues guitar in (almost) 5 minutes. This method presents 8 pieces of progressive levels, and each lesson is explained and the difficulties analyzed. The musical notation and theory is accompanied by audio and movie recordings.

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iShred: Guitar + Effects in Review – The Quintessential Guitar App


If you know me personally (which I doubt), or you’ve happened to read my review of Guitarist– then you’d know what a guitar aficionado I am. You’d also know how few guitar simulator applications there are in the App Store that are even worth mentioning and which truly succeed at what they do best – simulate an authentic guitar. At first glance, iShred, has incredible potential with its flashy loading screen in which the guitar flies out of the rocker’s hands and embraces the iDevice screen- entrusting you with its mighty power and awesomeness. By the first strum, you realize that iShred is a virtual guitar like no other – it is in fact the tool for ultimate guitar supremacy on an MP4 player scale.

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