GravSynth in Review – Gravity Makes All The Difference

grav_synth5The App Store has been gifted with many applications for musicians and aspiring DJs. While many of these apps have their positives and negatives, they all lacked a pivotal use of the accelerometer. GravSynth, developed by KAYAC Inc., sets itself apart from all beat synthesizers in the respect that it doesn’t solely rely on different track pads and arbitrary sound effects. Heck, it only has one specific beat sound. While this may seem like it kills the longevity because it lacks variety, this is definitely not the case with GravSynth. Once you experiment with the magnitude of settings, and how crucial the accelerometer plays in the process, you soon realize what makes GravSynth unique.

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GravSynth Music App – Gravitational Music for the Musician and the Curious


GravSynth is an exciting musical app which bends synth music DJ-style in the palm of your hand. Perhaps, it would be more appropriate to describe it rather, as an instrument. It uses the forces of gravity, touch input and your unerring creativity to produce music.

Tokyo-based Kayac have been producing mobile apps for different platforms, but GravSynth is their first App Store release. Among their many mottos is what could roughly be translated as ‘continual production’ (つくり続ける) which shows in their unswerving dedication to production and continual new ideas.

Take a look at their marketing literature, photos and a demonstration of GravSynth in action after the jump
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