Navigate to the final with the CoPilot Live South Africa App

Princeton, NJ – Soccer fans heading to South Africa this summer will be able to find their way around easily, thanks to the newly available CoPilot Live South Africa full-featured GPS navigation app. Available for iPhones, Android smartphones or Windows Mobile Phones, CoPilot Live provides full turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation in-car or on foot. The app stores detailed street maps of South Africa on the phone, so there’s no need to rely on the mobile network for navigation and no risk of incurring huge roaming charges for downloading maps.

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OutDoors – GB National Parks OS Maps 1:50k in Review – Those Boots Were Made for Walking!

As a keen walker and camper, I was excited when I spotted OutDoors – GB National Parks OS Maps in the App Store. Although at first glance you may think it’s quite expensive ($24.99 US), when you add together how much it would have cost to buy the physical versions of all the maps included, it’s actually a bargain. Plus you can never blame poor map reading again as with GPS, you’ve got no excuse for not knowing where you are!

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Spyglass 2.2 adds Augmented Reality Star Tracking and Primary Targets

Minsk, Belarus – Happymagenta today is pleased to announce the release of Spyglass 2.2, a major update to their popular digital compass and HUD display for iPhone 3GS devices. Developed specifically to leverage the iPhone’s unique capabilities, Spyglass is a fun-to-use multi-function augmented reality tool and heads-up display with a live compass, GPS and other information overlaid right over the live feed from the built-in camera, (or even an auto-rotated map), turning any iPhone into a sophisticated location-aware viewfinder.

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Dusty Roads Media releases My Spot Pro 1.0.2 for iPhone and iPod touch

Blairstown, New Jersey – Dusty Roads Media today is pleased to announce the release of My Spot Pro 1.0.2 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. My Spot Pro lets you tell anyone your spot in the world with a touch of a button. It marks your location and sends the GPS coordinates – and the address, if available – to whomever you choose or to Facebook or Twitter. You can even easily attach a photo or audio clip of where you are and send it to a group, to a friend, or in an emergency, can even send a pre-saved Panic Message to your family or authorities.

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CoPilot Live iPhone Apps get New Features and Updated Maps

Princeton, NJ – The latest updates to ALK Technologies’ award-winning CoPilot Live iPhone GPS navigation apps have been approved by Apple and are now available from the App Store. The full-featured GPS navigation apps now include improved guidance at complex intersections, Facebook status updates, free local search, and the latest maps of North America.

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1000: Find ‘Em All! in Review – Glu Makes Global Gift Hunts Grand!

If you’ve read my reviews in the past, you’ll notice that I’ve made no effort to hide my love for “pick up and play” type games.  Having to work all day and then worry about my home/husband-ly duties at home, I don’t always have a whole bunch of time to devote to a game.  Instead I prefer and enjoy titles that I can pick up and put down whenever I want without feeling like I am missing something.  It’s been a while but thanks to the good folks at Glu Games and their new and addicting title 1000: Find ‘Em All! I’ve filled that want and then some.

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Geocaching in Review – A new treasure every day!


Ever since I read Treasure Island, my mind has been full of dreams of finding buried treasures and going on pirate adventures. Well, that was when I was but a wee little lad – since then I’ve cleared my head of such nonsense, but still, the idea of how great it would be to go on a real treasure hunt haunts me. And then I heard of Geocaching…

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Gaia GPS in Review – Finding adventures


Ever get that feeling that despite your excellent (or perhaps because of your terrible) map-reading skills, you’re lost? You read the map, you check your GPS, but you still want a second opinion? Maybe you live for exploring, and want to record your outings and mark the places you’ve been to. Trail Behind’s new iPhone app, Gaia GPS, might be just what you’re looking for.

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Dahon’s iPhone Bike Mount and Biologic Reecharge

In the last couple of weeks, I have been bothered by no fewer than 14 people at my bike clubs who are looking for a good GPS for their bicycle. While a dedicated GPS unit might be okay, my eyes have been peeled for a way to safely use the iPhone as a GPS. Dahon, it seems, are a few steps ahead of me. Firstly, the iPhone’s excellent screen should make a great navigation device for bicycles, but as many of us roadies know, it gets wet out there. Fortunately, Dahon have kept the elements in mind when designing their products.

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Navigon’s MobileNavigator – hops the pond to North America

AppRelease-NavigonMobileNavigator-01 AppRelease-NavigonMobileNavigator-02

Navigon, a well-known navigation company from Hamburg have augmented North American iPods with the App Store’s first professional GPS system. The app promises to turn your iPhone into a ‘first-rate navigation system’ – a promise that we have heard before. This time however, Navigon’s professional experience and overall polish are swaying the majority of App Store users. There are a few problems, but as a first release on this side of the Atlantic, a little culture shock is to be expected. MobileNavigator is a whopping 1,29 GB, so it may be time to pair down your music library, saying adieu to Michael Jackson once and for all.

Navigon AG, MobileNavigator North America, 69.99$, 1,29 GB – North American version
MobileNavigator North America

Navigon AG, MobileNavigator Europe, 139.99$, 1,65 GB – European Version
MobileNavigator Europe

There are a couple of good videos showing MobileNavigator in action – check them out after the jump.

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