Google brings Priority Inbox feature to iPhone

Google’s Priority Inbox, a handy feature to help you manage a busy and hectic inbox, has now made its way to the iPhone’s HTML5 mobile browser.

Priority Inbox helps combat information overload by automatically identifying your important messages so you can focus on those first.

Now, once you set up Priority Inbox in the desktop version of Gmail, you’ll see Priority Inbox sections when you visit from your phone’s browser and click on the ‘Menu’ screen. You’ll also see importance markers in your inbox, so you can quickly identify which messages are important.

Sadly, no support for marking emails as important/unimportant just yet on the iPhone, but it’s still a good start. Google’s webmail app has consistently been improved over the past year and this is one more reason for iOS users to use it instead of Apple’s default mail app. And for those of you who are unfamiliar with Priority Inbox, check out the informative video explaining the service below.

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