Google Instant has landed on iOS

Earlier last month, Google brought their new visual search tool Google Goggles to the App Store. Now, they have unleashed Google Instant on iOS’ mobile safari. For those of you who rely heavily on Google’s search engine, it’s likely you’ve already used this neat feature. Basically, results will appear as you type out your queries. Here’s how it works:

In September we announced that we were working to bring Google Instant to mobile, and today we’re making a beta version available to most iPhone and Android devices in the U.S. To try it out, go to in your phone’s browser and tap the Google Instant “Turn on” link beneath the search box (if you don’t see the “Turn on” link, try waiting a moment and then refresh the page).

Like the desktop version of Google Instant, when you type on your mobile device you’ll see predictions of what you might be searching for. If you type [anse], for example, you should see [ansel adams] along with other predictions. Results for the first prediction appear automatically, and tapping on the other predictions will display those results. Pressing the enter key or the search button skips the predictions and will display results for exactly what you’ve typed.

Once you do start using Google Instant, it just feels natural and you wonder why they didn’t think of this sooner. So if you want to check it out on your iDevice, be sure your Instant (beta) is turned “On” on your mobile browser.

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