GoodReader for iPhone and iPad updated with improved handwriting engine and more

GoodReader, arguably the best PDF reader for iOS, was updated over the weekend for the iPhone and iPad with several new additions.

• new freehand drawing engine (PDF Annotations) produces smoother handwriting
• swiping a PDF page to the right and to the left with three fingers can now be used as “Go Back” and “Go Forward” gestures within a single file. Now you don’t have to turn the menu on to use the “Go Back” button.
• TXT editor now starts editing close to a viewing position
• Bonjour server records can now be quickly moved to the permanent “Connect to Server” location with a special button. This will allow to use advanced connection options, like changing the default server path and default login name.

Aside from the improved drawing engine and swipe gestures to move between pages, the iPad version has also introduced PDF Page Lock, a function which prevents accident taps and unwanted page turns. The update is free for those who already own the $4.99 app, and if you’re looking for a highly reliable and capable PDF reader, GoodReader won’t disappoint.

GoodReader for iPhone Good.iWare, GoodReader for iPhone, – $4.99
GoodReader for iPad Good.iWare, GoodReader for iPad, – $4.99

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GoodReader for iPad Now Offers Full Support for Apple’s Document Sharing

Topeka, Kansas – Good.iWare’s iPad version of GoodReader, the most popular document viewer for iPad and iPhone, now offers full support for Apple’s Document Sharing. GoodReader, which has toggled between the #1 and #2 overall best-selling iPad app, now offers two-way sharing of documents with other apps that support Document Sharing.

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Good.iWare’s GoodReader Delivers Best Reader on iPad

Topeka, Kansas – Good.iWare today is pleased to announces the availability of the new iPad version of its GoodReader application, bringing the most popular document viewer for iPhone to Apple’s new iPad. GoodReader is famous for handling very large PDF and TXT files, navigating manuals, large books, magazines, and renderings of 100 mb and more with great speed compared to other document viewers.

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