Gobliins 2 in Review – Two heads are better than one!

Apparently quite satisfied with the performance of Gobliiins (TMA Review) on the App Store, DotEmu with the support of BulkyPix, have decided to go ahead and release the second part of the series, detailing the misadventures of the goblins. True to the spirit of the franchise, Gobliins 2 puts you in control of a duo of characters on a quest to solve devious riddles and rescue the prince.

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Gobliins 2 Promo Code Giveaway (Closed)

iPhone Screenshot 1TouchMyApps is giving away 5 copies of Gobliins 2, the sequel to one of the very first puzzle-centric adventure games ever to be released back in early 90’s (TMA Review).

The King’s son, the Prince Buffoon, has been kidnapped by the evil Amoniak. Two talented goblins volunteer to find and rescue the price. It is your job to help them on their way.

Gobliins 2 offers a mix of elements of adventure and puzzle gaming. The puzzles in Gobliins 2 are unusual and challenging, and lots of fun. Each puzzle must be solved before you can progress to the next level. It’s a great adventure game, featuring amazing graphics and sound effects. It contains funny sequences that will make you laugh all the way through the game. The game is challenging and frustrating at times, but gamers who enjoy solving twisted, logic puzzles will love working their way through its various worlds.

This port of the famous classic will surely please those who enjoyed the original and are up for a good challenge solving puzzles on the iDevice. If you’re a fan of the adventure series (or adventure games in general), be sure to check out the full contest details after the gap.

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