Glyder 2 In Review – Peerless Flight of Fancy

Glyder 2, the highly anticipated sequel to GluMobile hit, Glyder, has finally landed! The big question on everyone’s minds is: does Glyder2 deliver a bigger and even better flying experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch? Various App Store reviews have pointed out that Glyder2 does not bring anything new or different from Glyder, – nevertheless, it can’t be denied that Glyder2 offers the same exhilirating flying experience just like its predecessor.

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Beat It! In Review – Tap dance like a monkey

review-beat-it3Beat It! is a beat-matching game for iDevices available at an App Store near you. Developed by Glu, this game has quickly risen through the ranks to be one of the most downloaded games as of this writing, and it’s easy to see why. Beat It!’s mix of music game, puzzle solving, and the bright 8-bit style visuals sets this game apart from anything else I have played on the iPhone.

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Mini Golf Wacky Worlds in Review – Mini-Putt That’s Mega Fun


I have been a fan of Glu Mobile for quite some time. The globally known development group have been publishing games for various mobile platforms for over 8 years and have consistently delivered some of the most well known console and PC games to various mobile devices. Lucky for me, the opportunity to review a Glu game and polish up on my mini golf came along at the right time.

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Cops & Robbers has Arrived – Let the Game of Cat & Mouse Begin


Cops & Robbers from developer Glu gives the player the opportunity to play on both sides of the law. You’ll start each level as the criminal; making your way from beginning to end, collecting as much money as possible while attempting to find and steal a diamond, all while being closely pursued by the Fuzz! Complete the levels in the time allotted and unlock the ability to play through as the police. Be sure to check out our gameplay video after the jump!

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Build-a-lot in Review – Be a Real Estate Mogul

buildalot1Have you ever seen “Flip This House” and those Makeover home shows? If you have enjoyed those shows, enjoy strategy, time management and even tycoon games, then Build-a-lot is for you! Build-a-lot, was the #1 casual strategy mobile game that let users build, buy, sell, and rent real estate with one essential goal, to become a real estate mogul.

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