The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense in Review – My preciousssss tower defense.

Gather round fair travellers, for have I a story to tell you. A story of friendship, bravery and tower defense. Arguably one of the best known fantasy books ever, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings have become a genre in its own right. Such a legend just could not avoid interest from the game development community. From early 80s interactive fiction to RPGs to massive scale strategy games, it seems the devs have thrown almost anything they could think of at the franchise. And with all this attention it’s obvious that a Lord of the Rings iDevice title was just a question of time. Well, the time has come and quite surprisingly the release took form of a Tower Defense game by the name of The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense.

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Freebie(s) of the Day: 9 Glu Games Now Free


Glu, one of the App Store publishers you can consistently rely on for fun and casual games, has just dropped 9 of their popular titles to Free. As such, you can now enjoy great games like Bonsai Blast, Jump O’Clock and Glyder all on the house. No word on why they’ve gone free and for how long, but it’s best you download ’em now before they go back up in price.

Jump o’Clock in review – Gear up for some addictive tower climbing

I’ve noticed a lot of people like to describe a game by saying ‘if x and y had a baby”, so if I were to describe Jump o’Clock I’d have to say, “if Doodle Jump and Captain Ludwig had a baby…”  The funny thing is, I think I like Jump o’Clock better than either.  There’s not as much to do as in Doodle Jump, but I like the atmosphere better, and personally I think it’s more fun to jump around gears collecting bolts than to jump around planets collecting stars.  But then, I am a bit of a geek.  At any rate, I wasn’t honestly expecting too much from Jump o’Clock, but I think I’ve gotten kind of hooked on it.  Now if I could just get good at it…

Feel free to discuss Jump o’Clock in our forums.

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Stranded: Mysteries of Time in Review – Lost in the moment…

The AppStore will soon turn 2 years old and has matured enough to see a flurry of sequels start hitting the market. One such game that has recently seen a followup is Stranded! Without A Phone – an interesting and original adventure / RPG game that I thoroughly enjoyed a few months ago. Today, I’d like to welcome Glu’s take: Stranded: Mysteries of Time.

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How to Train Your Dragon: Flight of the Night Fury in Review – A High Flyer!

Based on the popular Dreamworks film, How to Train Your Dragon: Flight of the Night Fury has you taking to the skies. You play as Toothless, a firebreathing dragon and his friend Hiccup, a Viking teenager who doesn’t live up to the expectations of his family. Together, you’re about to embark on a thrilling adventure.

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TRANSFORMERS G1: AWAKENING in Review – iAutobots, Roll out!

If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s there is simply no way you haven’t at least heard about Transformers – arguably one of the most obvious toy promotion cartoon series ever. It is a little known fact that the transforming animation in the series was tailored specifically so it could easily be reproduced in the actual toys. The game adaptation of the series have not enjoyed the same love as the cartoons however and have largely been of quite a low quality. Is TRANSFORMERS G1: AWAKENING a proper Transformers game? Let’s see!

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TMA Forums Giveaway O’ the Day (Closed)

If you’re in need of a fully featured IM app that will help keep you in the loop with all your friends on facebook, skype, msn, yahoo, google talk and more, we’ve got the perfect giveaway app for you. As part of Day 3 of our Forum giveaway, we have lined up SHAPE Services‘  IM+ ($9.99) along with RDM+ ($19.99), a robust remote desktop app that will allow you to access your computer (Windows/Mac) right from your iPhone . We’ve also got Glu’s new Alley Gator, a fast paced and fun arcade game for the taking. Entry is as easy as signing up to our forums and participating. Complete details after the jump!

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Glu’s New Year ($0.99) blowout sale

For all you iPhone/iPod Touch gamers out there on the constant look out for great App Store deals (or maybe that iTunes gift card from Christmas is just beggin’ you to spend more dough), you’ll be pleased to know that Glu Mobile has launched their N.Y $0.99 blowout sale on most of their hit games. Titles like Build-a-lot, Super KO Boxing 2, Beat It! and Glyder 2 are definitely great steals at a buck, so be sure grab ’em before the sale ends on Jan 11th. Happy Gaming!

Beat It! Glu, Beat It! – $0.99
Bonsai Blast Glu, Bonsai Blast – $0.99
Brain Genius Deluxe ? Glu, Brain Genius Deluxe â„¢ – $0.99
Build-a-lot Glu, Build-a-lot – $0.99
Cooking Star Glu, Cooking Star – $0.9
Cops & Robbers Glu, Cops & Robbers – $0.99
Family Guy: Uncensored Glu, Family Guy: Uncensored – $0.99
Glyder Glu, Glyder – $0.99
Glyder 2 Glu, Glyder 2 – $0.99
Mini Golf Wacky Worlds Glu, Mini Golf Wacky Worlds – $0.99
Space Monkey Glu, Space Monkey – $0.99
Super KO Boxing 2 Glu, Super KO Boxing 2 – $0.99
Taxi Fight! Glu, Taxi Fight! – $0.99
TRANSFORMERS ?  CyberToy Glu, TRANSFORMERS â„¢ CyberToy – $0.99
World Series of Poker Hold?em Legend Glu, World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend – $0.99

World Series Of Poker Hold ‘Em Legend in Review – Poker? I Barely Know Her!

It seems that poker game apps run the same path as twitter and fart apps; more and more appear everyday. As is the case with most apps though, the majority are either just okay, or plain garbage. Lucky for me, I recently got my hands on a great release from Powerhouse developer Glu Mobile and their sure winner, World Series Of Poker Hold ‘Em Legend.  This is a great app for seasoned vets and newcomers alike, read on to to see how the chips stacked up.

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