TMA Forums Giveaway O’ the Day (Closed)

The Forums giveaways just keep on rolling! Two of our featured titles today are from Digital Chocolate, a popular multi-platform publisher who has given us plenty of fun casual games for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Dictator Defense is a Tower Defense that brings its own unique style and flare to the genre and 3D Mini Golf Challenge is a great looking 3D putting game with plenty of unique tracks and game modes. Finally, The Raging Dead, a zombie infection sim that will challenge your reflexes, is brought to you by GhostBird Software (makers of the excellent PhotoForge app). As usual, we have 5 copies of each to giveaway. Complete contest details after the gap!

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PhotoForge in Review – The go anywhere, do anything photo editor


The iDevice is such an overachiever – there are fathomless possibilities that are yet undiscovered. Fortunately, clever designers have coaxed the platform to do things that, had I known were possible in 2007-2008, would have made my nose bleed excitedly. PhotoForge is a new addition to my personal favourites at the App Store. It joins the ranks of truly amazing software such as AirSharing and my all-time favourite, The Quest and stands head and shoulders above its peers.

What, was that my conclusion? No, read on, but get your wallets ready for a two-dollar injection into developer GhostBird‘s account.

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