Freebie Alert: geoDefense Swarm now free for a day

geoDefense Swarm (TMA Review), the follow up to the critically acclaimed TD game geoDefense (TMA Review) — one which I still consider a favourite of mine in the genre — has dropped in price to free for a limited time. Packed with challenging levels and eye candy visuals, Swarm will certainly keep you glued to your iDevice for quite sometime. Here’s a blurb from our review:

In short, geoDefense Swarm is a treat. It combines the best of the classic tried and tested geoDefense goodness and the deep strategy of Open Field TD games. The stylish graphics are like visual candy and the performance is excellent, even on a 2G/3G iPhone. I would definitely say that the sequel of geoDefense has not shamed it’s original one bit and is a must have for any fan of the genre.

If you remotely enjoy tower defense games and have yet to play geoDefense Swarm, do yourself a favour and grab it while it’s free.

geoDefense Swarm Critical Thought Games, geoDefense Swarm (TMA Review) – Free

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