Apple iPad – Coming for the lost

The development community have wrapped 140 000 apps under their collective belt; Apple have seen 3 billion apps downloaded from the App store; and the hitherto iconic iPod is fading into Apple’s focal background even as it surpasses an impressive number of its own: 250 million units sold. Steve Jobs and Apple haven’t made any promises – the iPad isn’t even at market yet. But it has pulled at myriad heartstrings: it has grabbed the spotlight. But why is it important and is it worthwhile to buy, and if so, who will benefit from it?

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Economy sours, gamers’ sweet-tooth titillated


Background image from Pheonix learning Group:

(Spoiler Alert): I was at Com2uS the other day:(/Spoiler Alert), chatting it up with 2 of the software-maker’s coolest 350 employees and we got chewing about money. It could have been that they wanted me to pay for their drinks: who knows; but nevertheless, we chatted nearly endlessly about dosh. Evidently, economic down-times mean sometimes lucrative trends for game producers. Of course this isn’t news, per se — board game manufacturers too, have seen increases in family gaming sales — but it is an interesting point to ponder.

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Blog Action Day ’09: a greener gamer


ChiFFaN already noted that the iPhone in particular, is a PC killer. It does email, internet, music, telephony – there isn’t much that the device can’t do – within the reasonable limits of its size and processing power. But where it really excels is in in replacing a multitude of devices, many of which are power hungry. In the past, Apple have taken flack from certain green organisations for less than stellar green-figures, but that doesn’t mean the California company are not trying; in fact, they may be ahead in a game which often values horn-blowing rather than true revolution.

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