Gameloft’s $0.99 Halloween Sale + iPad 2/Samsung Galaxy Tab giveaway

In preparation for Halloween, Gameloft has dropped 6 of their iOS games to $0.99 for the entire week. The titles include Order & Chaos© Online and Gameloft Action Pack, a 3-in-1 app that bundles Hero of Sparta, Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes and Blades of Fury (TMA Review).

And as part of this Halloween promotion, Gameloft will be giving away an iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab (the Tablet that looks very much like the Galaxy s) to one lucky winner. Simply visit their Facebook page and beat the Halloween themed memory game in under 60 seconds (found under the “Halloween Contest tab on the left) to enter your name into the draw. Tweeting your score will even double your chances of winning. Good luck!

Gameloft’s Back to School $0.99 Sale on iOS and Mac App Stores

School’s back in full swing and Gameloft has just announced yet another Back to School sale. This time, popular titles on both the iOS and Mac platform drop to only $0.99 for a limited time. Games like Silent Ops, BackStab and Dungeon Hunter 2 (TMA Review) on both the iPhone and iPad can now be had for a dollar. Meanwhile, 4 Mac App Store Gameloft games join this list, including the impressive Modern Combat: Domination, a surprisingly good multiplayer FPS that was previously $12.99 (a must have for shooter fans at this price). Be sure to check out the complete roundup of links after the break.

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Freebie Alert – Gameloft’s Asphalt 6: Adrenaline for iPhone and iPad now free for limited time

Here’s a worthy download for all you racing fans. Gameloft has just dropped the latest in their popular racing franchise Asphalt 6: Adrenaline to free for the iPhone and iPad (down from $4.99 and $6.99 respectively). With 42 dream cars to choose from, online multiplayer and awesome visuals (the game will look even better on the iPad 2), this freebie shouldn’t be missed and will keep you in occupied for next little while. The offer likely won’t last very long, so make sure you grab it ASAP.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline Gameloft, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, 546 MB – Free
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD Gameloft, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, 505 MB – Free

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Starfront – Collision in Review – Craft-ing the Star of portable RTS

Every once in a while, a game comes along and literally tears down a genre and builds it anew, usually with a bar that is almost impossible to attain. In the genre of RTS that game was Starcraft, released by Blizzard in 1998 and still regarded as one the best strategy games of all time. Sadly, the great Blizzard has not yet graced the iOS with their attention, leaving the gap wide open for would-be upstarts to claim the Starcraft-shaped piece of pie. And unsurprisingly, the first one at it is the prolific Gameloft with Starfront – Collisionâ„¢.

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EA and Gameloft’s Father’s Day SALE

Father’s Day is just around the corner and two of the biggest game publishers on the App Store are dishing out some great price drops. EA Mobile’s “Manly-Man Sale” event sees plenty of their best selling games at $0.99, including Dragon’s Lair 2: Time Warp, NBA JAM, Real Racing and more. Meanwhile, Gameloft is offering 8 of their premium titles at a buck, some of which include Eternal Legacy (TMA Review) and the popular MMORPG Order & Chaos© Online. So whether you pick up a few for yourself or gift them for your pops, be sure to grab ’em before the weekend’s over. Check out the full list of sales after the gap.

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Sacred Odyssey – Rise of Ayden in Review – The air smells strongly of Zelda

Devoid of a console for most of my life, one of the franchises I never had the chance to truly dive into was the (pardon the pun) legendary Legend of Zelda. As one of the grandfathers of the Action RPG  genre, it has always been renowned for the perfect blending of Action, Adventure, light puzzle-solving and even lighter RPG elements. Considering this classic series has still not graced the App Store, it’s not much of a surprise that Gameloft has attempted to fill the void by releasing Sacred Odyssey – Rise of Ayden, a title almost bursting with a certain Z-quality.

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Gameloft’s $0.99 Sale: Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden, Eternal Legacy and Starfront: Collision

Gameloft’s Trifecta sale this weekend should excite all you iDevice gamers out there. Eternal Legacy (TMA Review), Starfront – Collision and Sacred Odyssey – Rise of Ayden can each be had for only $0.99, down from $6.99 ($4.99 for Eternal Legacy). Needless to say, these are awesome deals not to miss out on, especially if you’ve been patiently waiting for their prices to drop. Go grab ’em!

Eternal Legacy Gameloft, Eternal Legacy (TMA Review), 551 MB – $0.99
Starfront - Collisionâ„¢ Gameloft, Starfront – Collisionâ„¢, 682 MB – $0.99
Sacred Odyssey - Rise of Ayden Gameloft, Sacred Odyssey – Rise of Ayden, 406 MB – $0.99

Over 30 Gameloft Titles now $0.99 for limited time

Gameloft, fresh off the releases of their Freemium titles Starfront: Collision and Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden, are at it again with their $0.99 deals. This time, it’s one of the biggest we’ve seen from the powerhouse publisher, and for iPad owners, there are plenty of “HD” games to choose from as well. No specific reason has been given for this sale, but really, who cares! Some of more notable include Blokus HD, N.O.V.A. 2 HD, Hero of Sparta 2 HD and War in the Pacific. Be sure to check out the complete list after the gap…

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Gameloft’s Valentine’s Day $0.99 Blowout Sale

Earlier today, we saw EA and a bundle of other Apps and Games go either Free or $0.99. Now Gameloft is holding their own Valentine’s Day Event and 13 of their best-selling iPhone games can be had for a buck. Some of the chosen ones include Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, Hero of Sparta II and the fairly recent Shadow Guardian. And as an added bonus, YOU can choose which 14th game they’ll drop to $0.99 for 24hrs on Feb 14th. Simply vote on Gameloft’s Facebook page and let your voice be heard.

Now onto the complete list of Gameloft’s latest dollar sale…

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Dungeon Hunter 2 in Review – Be very very quiet, I’m hunting Diablos!

Ever since the original Dungeon Hunter (TMA Review) came out more than a year ago, it immediately became the undisputed king of iPhone Hack’n’Slash RPGs. Obviously inspired by the great Diablo, it still had quite a way to go to reach its full potential. With the recent release of the anticipated sequel, Dungeon Hunter 2, I had high hopes that it would finally make all things right. And having spent about a week with it, I can say that it did… at least for some things.

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