Gameloft releases 3-in-1 action pack

Having released the Sports Pack several months back, Gameloft now has another 3-in-1 app for you – the Gameloft Action Pack. This single package of $4.99 includes 3 of their best-selling action titles: Hero of Sparta, Blades of Fury (TMA Review) and Brothers In Arms – Hour of Heroes. Obviously, if this genre of gaming is right up your alley and you haven’t gotten around to checking these out, grabbing this 3-in-1 is a pretty good deal. And if you missed our previous Dollar Bin roundup, Gameloft’s $1 sale on 5 of their (awesome) games is still on.

Gameloft Action Pack Gameloft S.A. , Gameloft Action Pack – $4.99

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