Miriel the Magical Merchant in Review – A Time Management that’s pure magic

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Miriel the Magical Merchant from Gamehouse is a time management game in the same vein as the like of Diner Dash and Sally’s Salon. In this particular game you play as Miriel, an “ordinary girl with extraordinary powers” who’s charged with the ever important task of running her family business and supplying her kingdom with food supplies.

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Sally’s Salon in Review – A Cut Above the Rest

As an avid casual gamer and a fan of time management games in particular, I was delighted to grab Sally’s Salon at its bargain price. The star of several time management games, Sally is quite the entrepreneur. In this TM game she’s opened a hair salon. It’s up to you to help Sally wash, cut, dye, blow-dry and style hair to make as much profit as possible. In later levels you’ll also be plucking eyebrows, fake-tanning your customers and painting their nails, too!

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