Chuck Norris improves your iPhone 4 reception!

So Apple spends millions of dollars on the Free iPhone 4 Case Program as a result of the much publicized reception issues, when all they really needed to do was include a photo of Chuck Norris with every purchase (need proof? check out the video above). Who’d have ever guessed that the man who once fought Bruce Lee could have such an impact on the iPhone as well. If a wallpaper of Chuck on your phone has the same effect, that’d probably be better than waving his mugshot all over the place every time you need to make a call…

[iphonedownloadblog via iPhoneinCanada]

Banned iPhone 4 antenna commercial [video]

Just when you thought you’ve seen the last of the iPhone 4 antenna spoofs (see Darth Vader calling AppleCare), the guys over at JLE Productions have taken another stab at the iPhone 4’s reception issues. This is actually their third release after the Banned iPhone 4 and iPad promos and it’s one of the funniest Apple parodies out there. If you missed it earlier and want a good laugh, head on inside for the full vids.

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The truth behind the recent Apple-related events, uncovered by Taiwanese TV

Apple (aka Jobs Vader) pays Jason Chen a visit

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If so, a video must be worth a million. And this one really IS; even without English subtitles or voice-overs, you should have no troubles following along. Finally, a quick and simple (albeit painful) answer to the iPhone 4 reception issues. You really have to hand it to those Taiwanese… Video after the gap!

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Steve Jobs to apologise for ‘Get a Mac’ ads

Spurred on by comedian Ellen DeGeneres’ recent repentance for her iPhone spoof, the Big Apple, Steve Jobs, will apologise for Apple’s spurious Get a Mac adverts. The now quaint campaign painted Microsoft-powered PC’s as hard to use, prone to viruses, and outmoded. Needless to say, Microsoft aren’t amused.

Similar to last year’s iPod touch P announcement, Steve Jobs, Mr. Macintosh himself, has officially retracted his company’s salacious campaign. He opened up to TMA via email with this poignant explanation:

Apple may rock, but its not cool what we did with the Get a Mac ads. I wanted to ‘boom!’ attack those bald Ballmer bas*ards at Microsoft for their incompetent dominance. Get a Mac did the trick. I mean, come on, Apple is way better. We got iPhoto and the world’s best most innovative music/movie/podcast/app/book/advertising/ripping software/genius/search engine installed on every Mac.

We’ve got no viruses. We’ve got no repellent Authorize or Deny system. But the really neat thing is that we still create new platforms. Think iPad. Think iPhone. Think Different.

Still though, I think we need to back off Microsoft. Apple may not be able to take a joke, but Microsoft can’t handle the competition or clever advertisement campaigns.

TouchMyApps (haha, love the name – it reminds me of… naw, shouldn’t say that), please get the word out. I really am humble pie.


Though a little late, look for Steve Jobs to apologise to Microsoft at the Steve Jobs Show aka the WWDC this summer.