Let’s Golf On Sale + Other Notable Price Drops

letsgolf1Just this past weekend, we saw PopCap Games’ mighty popular Peggle go on sale (3 days)  from $4.99 to only $0.99. Already one of better selling games at the App Store, Peggle promptly jumped to the Top Ten and currently sits at the #2 spot. Now, Gameloft’s Let’s Golf looks to follow suit with a sale from $4.99, to the sweet price point of a ‘dollah’. Coincidentally, EA’s Tiger Woods PGA TOUR also sees a slight drop ($9.99 -> $6.99). TouchMyApps reviewed both these golf titles and found them to be quite excellent, with each offering endearing qualities of their own. Needless to say, if you’ve been holding out for Let’s Golf or are simply looking for (another) great deal, I suggest you buy this game now. For only a buck, you won’t be sorry you did.

I’ve dug up a few other worthwhile price drops for you, so be sure to have a look at the full post!

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Fruit Juice Tycoon in Review – Time Management with A Twist

bmtpic1Time Management Fans Rejoice! In the new Time Management game, Fruit Juice Tycoon (formerly known as Blue Mango Twist), you are Nancy, a brand new fruit juice maker who is working her way up to become in the big leagues in the fruit juice world. This is a TM game with an actual storyline unlike contemporaries like Diner Dash and Chocolate Shop Frenzy. Sound easy just making juice? It is at first, but you have quite a deep and fun filled challenge ahead of you.

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