iAndroid goes iFroyo – the latest Android 2.2 running on an iPhone 3G

Some time ago we reported an independent dev team creating an version of the Android 1.6 for the iPhone 2G and having updated it later to support the iPhone 3G with over 80% of functionality (minus some minor points like Power Management :) ) fully supported. Well, an Italian iPhone webblog has taken the project one step further and used the OpeniBoot project basis to port the latest and greatest version of the Android platform, even still not available for the majority of native Android phones – the Android 2.2 Froyo.

Of course not everything works, some things, already implemented for the older Android 1.6 have gone wonky, like Wi-Fi and sound support. And remember, the Power Management is also still amiss, meaning your iPhone will get very hot and discharge in about an hour or so. Anyhow, if you’re feeling brave, fins the instructions, translated Italian-to-English by RedMond Piem or just check out the video after the gap.

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