Price Drop: Age of Tribes FREE for a Day!

Today is a wonderful day. Along with Last Front: Europe, Age of Tribes has dropped to FREE! Age of Tribes, a line-drawing adventure, is a ticklish blend of Lemmings and Flight Control which puts you in the role of a tribal leader who must lead your followers to safety against scary odds and dangerous terrain. At 199 pennies cheaper than its usual price, now is a great time to click the iTunes link:

Age of Tribes Fancy Factory, Age of Tribes – Free

Get them now or check the official description after the gap.

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Price Drop: Last Front: Europe – FREE for a day!

The unholy union between FreeAppaDay and Last Front: Europe is a bad one, but in a good way. Last Front: Europe is a solid Tower Defence title with a few great augments to the genre including: movable towers and unlimited user-created maps for download. If you are too lazy to read TMA’s Last Front: Europe review, here’s the gist: GRAB!

Anyway, it’s free, so strap on your cannons and blast the baddies into 1939!

Last Front: Europe Plow Digital, LLC, Last Front: Europe – Free (for a day)

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The places to watch for apps and games set FREE for a day

One of the most noteworthy iPhone-related events last Christmas was the Appvent Calendar – an initiative started by several developers where a game was made free for a day. I have admired their devotion and grabbed a few titles myself. Apparently, this has been quite profitable for the developers involved as well – only a month had passed before the 3 original founders of the Appvent Calendar teamed up with Openfeint and started the website that followed a similar path. But it seems they are not the only to do so.

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