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One of the most noteworthy iPhone-related events last Christmas was the Appvent Calendar – an initiative started by several developers where a game was made free for a day. I have admired their devotion and grabbed a few titles myself. Apparently, this has been quite profitable for the developers involved as well – only a month had passed before the 3 original founders of the Appvent Calendar teamed up with Openfeint and started the website that followed a similar path. But it seems they are not the only to do so.

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Free App O’ the Day: Robocalypse Mobile Mayhem

For those of you keeping tabs on the Freeappaday initiative, you’ve likely been enjoying some pretty sweet free iDevice games on a daily basis. Well today’s Featured freebie is none other than Robocalypse, originally a Nintendo DS title that has charmed and been enjoyed by mobile gamers around the world.

In Robocalypse – Mobile Mayhem, players build and command robot armies to fend off attacks from the evil Demolisher and his near-endless supply of maniacal mechanical marauders.

Featuring 10 unit types, 20 varieties of weaponry, 17 campaign missions, 18 unique multiplayer maps, a cast of powerful Hero robots and an intuitive touch-screen interface, Robocalypse – Mobile Mayhem ensures fun for everyone.

Along with other big name RTSes at the App Store (The Settlers, Command & Conquer: Red Alert), Robocalypse remains one of the most fun and highly polished in the i-RTS genre. Needless to say, if you appreciate a well made game, this is one that shouldn’t be missed. Be sure to check out some other notable App Store Freebies, including WildSpace, after the break!

Robocalypse - Mobile Mayhem Vogster Entertainment, LLC, Robocalypse – Mobile Mayhem – Free

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FreeAppADay Freebie – Reign of Swords

Hey folks.

Recently we reported the initiative. And guess what they have in store for us today! Reign of Swords is an excellent strategy game and the developers have been kind enough to give it away absolutely free for one day – a drop from $1.99!

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Reign of Swords Punch Entertainment, Inc., Reign of Swords – Free

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One of the major projects this last Christmas has been the AppVentCalendar. An initiative, organized by Blacksmith Games and joined by a number of developers, each of which made their app free for one day. The results were so succesfull, that Blacksmith games, together with: ICS Mobile, creators of Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense; Tapjoy, creators of TapDefense; and the leading iPhone social platform, OpenFeint, have decided to launch – where the same principle is going to run 365 days each year.

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