Warpgate and Warpgate HD have just jumped to FREE

In a surprise gesture Freeverse has just set Warpgate (TMA Review) free on both iPhone and iPad, down from $4.99 and $7.99 respectively. This is even more intriguing since during the whole year neither versions have even been discounted once. I’m not sure how long this will last so before even continuing on reading this post I suggest you grab them. Now!

Warpgate Freeverse, Inc, Warpgate (TMA Review), 161.45MB – Free

Warpgate HD Freeverse, Inc, Warpgate HD, 164.93MB – Free

Hopefully both are already downloading in your iTunes and you can breathe easily now. And I will tell you what you have just grabbed. Warpgate is the first true open space trading/exploration/shooter ever on the iDevice. It has captivated me for weeks about a year ago when it was initially released and I couldn’t rest or pick up anything else until I finished the whole bloody thing. Be sure to check out my full review or at least my summary below. Enjoy!

Trade, communicate, explore and fight or simply follow the story – do what you want, when you want and for hours on end. Warpgate is a bustling world just waiting for you explore, wrapped in a beautiful graphical package with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Without a doubt, Freeverse’s latest is one of the true gems on the App Store and not to be missed. Warp speed, Mr. Zulu!

Fallen EP-1 is now FREE… Forever!

We’ve seen quite a few games pop-up on the App Store claiming to be a Survival Horror. Unfortunately none of them delivered, even those from top franchises like SILENT HILL The Escape (US) or Resident Evil 4: PLATINUM and Resident Evil: Degeneration, which turned out to be quite mediocre third-person shooters. Most importantly – none of them delivered the experience of playing a Survival Horror, where you feel like you’re fighting for your life in the dark and afraid to look around the corner. And finally about a year ago, a surprise entry took the genre by storm, swiping the crown of Survival Horror games in our AppStore’s Best Adventure Games list. I’m talking, of course, about the first and only scary game for the iPhone – Fallen EP-1 (TMA Review).

In a subsequent interview the developers promised that a new episode would be due soon and I was very enthusiastic about seeing the story continue. Unfortunately due to economic reasons the company dispersed and the release never materialized. But all good things come to those who wait and Vincenzo has contacted me to relay some good news.

Fallen EP-1 is going to make one year now. I’m going to put it for free from now on. I think that past its time, and will be free from now on. We’ll see if and when a new game will rise out of it :) But now I think I just want it to be in the hands of as many people as possible.

But wait, there’s more after the gap!

Fallen EP-1 YOUOCO.COM, Fallen EP-1 (TMA Review), 99.55MB – Free

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Get buried in Egypt The Prophecy for FREE

Just a few days after the release of the final part of Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3 Anuman Interactive set the first part of the adventure FREE. Yep, now you can embark on your own journey to ancient Egypt absolutely free of charge. Just grab yourself a copy of Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1 and off you go! Meanwhile look out for a full review from TMA’s own shigzeo soon and check out my preview with hands-on video.

Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1 Anuman, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 1, 299.72MB – Free
Egypt The Prophecy - Part 2 Anuman, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 2, 358.55MB – $3.99
Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3 Anuman, Egypt The Prophecy – Part 3, 537.35MB – $3.99

iSink U – FREE from Artificial Life March 5-7

iSink U, Artificial Life’s popular Battleship clone, will be set free for 2 days starting today (did you get that?) If you aren’t sure why you should download a FREE game, check out TMA’s iSink U review, grab it and have a blast (how bout that one?) Here’s another one: with prices this low, make sure to wear your life preserver! Or: I love the smell of the sea, it really sinks!

Here’s what Artificial Life have to say:

To celebrate our iPhone app download surpassing the benchmark of 8.3 million, we are holding a promotion of “Get-Paid-Game-For-Free”. Some of our top-rated, top-downloaded iPhone game titles will be offered for free for a limited time!!

The first FREE game is going to be iSink U (battleship boardgame title), which will be free during March 5-7 only. This paid game has been previously featured in “New & Noteworthy” on the App Store.

iSink U Artificial Life, Inc., iSink U – FREE from 5-7 March

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OS 3.1.3 FREE for iPod touch users

Preamble: One of the most frustrating times for all of the owners of the iPod Touch is when Apple release a new OS version which requires money. Till now, there have been 3 such pay-to-play updates, costing owners up to 30$. Thanks to this, a significant percentage of the iPod Touch owners still run the good old 2.2.1.

Declaration: Well, iPod touch owners rejoice! Apple have finally waived the upgrade fee starting with iPhone OS 3.1.3. If you have been stuck with 2.2.1, either waiting for new hardware, or for a better allowance, your wait is over. You can download 3.1.3, enjoy all the features of 3.0, and not pay a dime. Of course, 3.1.3 isn’t yet Jailbreaked, so if you really want Cydia or Rock apps, you will have to wait a while, but at least OS 3.x is available for nothing!

If you are a hacker or just a geek, you can check out all free firmware updates here

How to create ringtones for the iPhone – Annoyrring!


Face it, each and every one of you has wanted to annoy your neighbours with songs from your teeny-bopping iTunes collection. Imagine: Oprah soundboards, talk-show clips, John Denver singing about farm life: each available for every call at the behest of  your phone’s over-amped speakers. There are a couple of simple and legal methods to do this without purchasing additional ringtones. But if you are lazy and filthy rich, Sony have something to help you unload your unneeded dosh.

Follow the gap for the how to and 3rd-party links:

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19 July – the day when the Icecream was free


1984 was a big year for the world, a BIG year. Steve Jobs’ pet project, the Macintosh was launched despite all that Big Brother could do; Great Britain agreed to return Hong Kong to China; the AIDS virus was isolated by French scientists; and Ronald Reagan, President of the United States, declared July National Ice Cream Month – a holiday that I am happily celebrating half the world away. As part of Ice Cream Month, the third Sunday of this balmy month is a special day marked by near religious observances of one of America’s favourite foods. Nutritious according to the International Dairy Foods Association, ice cream as a food, props up nearly 9% of the American Dairy industry.

Well, Nimblebit, creator of the wildly popular Scoops for the iPhone is joining in festivities, honouring 19 July with an extra scoop. Yes, the very same 3rd Sunday of the month, Scoops will be 3$ shy of its normal price (that means FREE!) and in its own digital way, celebrate the sweet and sloppy food. Be sure to grab it on the 19th as this sale won’t come again!

Nimblebit, Scoops, 2.99$, 3.4 MB
Scoops - Ice Cream Fun For Everyone

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