App Store Freebies Roundup

Developer (makers of Dragon Slaughter Episode III – Dragon King, which still happens to be FREE) has another app featured by Freeappday and no, it isn’t a game. Much like the previous Top 10 photo app ColorSplash, Color Magic Deluxe allows you to create eye-popping color effects for all your photos. 11 different brushes are included (with size and transparency options) along with the ability to share your “works of art” via facebook, flickr or emails. Aside from this promising (and free for a day)rockifone app, there are lots of paid–>free games available for download, inluding Chop Chop Ninja, Cops & Robbers, Kaloki Adventure, TowerMadness and more. The complete list of Freebies after the break.

Note: The FREE status for most of 0f these apps are only for a very limited time. You know what to do!

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NimbleBit’s Classic Apps and Free-fallin’ freebies


NimbleBit, the famed makers of Scoops, Sky Burger, and Textropolis, have spent their recent weeks in wise customer study; today, they announced a great new website where users can check out the most storied App Store apps to date. But, that isn’t the only news out of their studio: their five featured paid apps have flown free for one day only. Get them below:

NimbleBit, Scoops, FREE today, 3.1 MB — TMA Review
Scoops - Ice Cream Fun For Everyone

NimbleBit, Sky Burger, FREE today, 4.3 MB — TMA Review
Sky Burger

NimbleBit, Textropolis, FREE Today, 1.3 MB — TMA Review

NimbleBit, Hanoi Plus, FREE Today, 0.9 MB
Hanoi Plus

NimbleBit, Moon Drop, FREE Today, 2.2 MB — TMA Review
Moon Drop

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Tag Games jacked! Car Jack Streets free for the weekend

Put your 300 pennies away this weekend and spend it on something that will make you look pretty. Tag Games’ hit, Car Jack Streets (CJS) will be free the entire weekend, starting … on the weekend. While the weekend has various connotations depending on your station in life; that is to say, for university students, weekends start after Thursday’s Pub Night is over, and for office workers in Seoul, the weekend is that space between 3am and 6am on Sunday mornings. For the rest of us, let’s just hope that Tag Games are not Korean.

Take a look at TMA’s exhaustive CJS review and then go for it – no harm in downloading a free app! But if you cannot wait, by all means, whip back out your 300 coppers and have at it a bit early.

Tag Games, Car Jack Streets, FREE for the weekend (2.99$ regular price), 106MB
Car Jack Streets

Wild Wild Train now free for a limited time

wildwildtrain-update15Tired of all those games on your iPhone/iPod Touch, but don’t feel like spending any money today on more apps? Well developer Promo Ideas’ Wild Wild Train is just your ticket then if you’re on the look out for an app that’ll keep you entertained and occupied. To celebrate their first update, they have dropped their price to FREE and now anyone can play this delightful game.

Wild Wild Train is an action-puzzle-strategy game that allows you to manage up to 3 trains while try to avoid crashes as you pickup several kinds of different color-coded cargo which then needs to be delivered to the station with the corresponding color before time runs out.

First levels are kind of easy, but don’t let this fool you; sooner than later you’ll be dealing with up to 3 trains, bombs and damsels popping up everywhere, and enough track switches on screen to make your head spin.

If you enjoy management/puzzle type games that are fun and well designed, I highly suggest you download Wild Wild Train and give this good solid game a go. With its current price tag, you definitely can’t go wrong with this great deal.

Promo Ideas, Wild Wild Train, Free, 68.6 MB
Wild Wild Train

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iDodge: Space Ninja now free for a day

idodge_spaceninja1 idodge_spaceninja2

Want a free app to kick start the weekend? Well do yourself a favor and download iDodge: Space Ninja ASAP! Released back in January for $3.99, iDodge is an intense and addictive accelerometer based game that will keep you glued to your iDevice screen for hours on end. Why is it free? Here’s the dev’s explanation: “Free for less than a day, because someone from outside the US really wants the game”. Well, that makes perfect sense and certainly good enough a reason for me :)

You are the elite space mercenary “Space Ninja”. You have been tasked to deliver a certain object to Jupiter, but mysteriously turret defense systems throughout the galaxy started attacking you.

Force your way through 40 stages of galactic defense systems using your special time-slowdown ability (touch the screen to activate) or using 7 different powerups to help you get through the hardest of defenses.

If you have yet to try this game,what are you waiting for? Go Go Go!!!

Jormy Games, iDodge: Space Ninja, FREE, 13.9 MB
iDodge: Space Ninja

The App Store – Apple’s Cash Cow?

Courtesy Oreilly's

Courtesy Oreilly's

Despite enormous hype surrounding the App Store and enthusiasm from developers and customers alike, Apple may not yet be making returns from the App Store that they had hoped. Visiting a tool from O’Reilly, LightSpeed Venture Partners’ Jeremy Liew proposes that Apple may have made revenue of only 20-45 million dollars US. 

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