Music Video: iOS Games come to life

No, this song wasn’t made was with just iPad apps, but Aussie group Hey Geronimo’s music video does feature some of the most popular iOS games…in the real world. Their video for the single Why Don’t We Do Something? plays tribute to Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Plants vs. Zombies and Flight Control. The song doesn’t actually have anything to do with these games, but it’s pretty cool seeing these easily recognizable characters come to life. Check out the full music video below and see for yourself just what’s it like when zombies invade your backyard.

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Firemint updates Flight Control, Flight Control HD and Spy Mouse

In preparation for the holiday season, Firemint has updated their mighty popular iOS games with new additional content. Flight Control (TMA Review) for the iPhone receives the new Storm Airfield map. As the name implies, any aircraft zapped by lighting can’t turn for a period of Time. Meanwhile, Flight Control HD offers the new Moon Base Map, where you not only have to avoid other spacecrafts, but asteroids as well. More importantly, both Flight Control games now allow players to buy Rewind credits ($0.99 for 10 rewinds), which can then be used to turn back time and potentially earn higher scores by averting imminent disaster. Last but not least, the splendid puzzler SPY mouse is now Holiday themed (World 1). So expect snow, Christmas decorations, candy canes instead of cheese crumbs and more. Full “What’s New” details after the break.

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Flight Control for iPhone gets Online Multiplayer Update

Firemint’s wildly popular Flight Control (TMA Review) for the iPhone has just received an update that allows for Online Multiplayer via Game Center, Apple’s own social gaming Network. Now gamers can both play the role of air traffic controller cooperatively by sending planes back and forth between each other’s iDevice screen. What’s more, Voice Chat can also be turned on during multiplayer, so both parties can discuss in-game strategies in real time.

The update is free for those who already purchased the app. If not, Flight Control for the iPhone is only $0.99 and still remains one of the most addictive games on the platform.

Flight Control Firemint, Flight Control (TMA Review), 14.2 MB – $0.99
Flight Control HD Firemint, Flight Control HD, 17.8 MB – $4.99

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TaxiDrive in Review – Hail that Cab!


For those of you who have never experienced riding in a New York City taxi cab, let me tell you. Its like riding on a roller coaster! It’s a wild and wacky adventure where you’re sitting in the back of the cab holding on for dear life as your driver maneuvers in and out of traffic coming ever so close to clipping everything and anything in sight. Get the heck out of the way there Mr. Hot Dog vendor! In TaxiDriver New York, you are the driver and your goal is to pick up your passengers and deliver them to their destination of choice while doing it safely so you can collect your fares.

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Firemint’s Flight Control gets 1.2 Update

flightcontrol_12update5Over the past several months, there have been some great games priced at a dollar that has made its way to the Top 10 at the App Store: Doodle Jump, Pocket God and Stickwars just to name a few. Not only are they great in value, but their developers have also made every effort in updating the game to keep the content fresh and sweet. Well Firemint, the fine folks behind one of the most popular titles in Flight Control (and one that had been enjoying life atop of the App World for quite sometime) has just released a worthwhile update that includes more planes, airports and in-game scoreboards for those ultra competitive stat junkies.

If you have yet to try out Flight Control, do us a favor and buy the $0.99 game ASAP. Its fun, addictive and crazy challenging (I can’t disclose how many planes I have landed for fear of being mocked), and it sure beats being a real ATC controller. Be sure to check out J. D’s review of the game and more juicy screenshots/details can be found after the jump.

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Flight Control in Review – Sitting in the Airport Just Got Interesting!

flightcontrol1I had originally grabbed Flight Control on a whim, something about the simplistic art style and the 99 cent price tag flipped my impulse switch. Before I even recognized what I was doing, the game installed on my iPod. Going in I had no expectations for the game, hell I barely even knew what it was about! After the initial loading screen you’re confronted with this simple question “Welcome Aboard! Would you like game sounds?” Without considering the ramifications of my actions I clicked the red “YES” button. The slightly upbeat elevator music transported me to a 1950’s airport terminal. I had become an Air Traffic Controller, not just any air traffic controller… I was the BEST.

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