Firemint updates Flight Control, Flight Control HD and Spy Mouse

In preparation for the holiday season, Firemint has updated their mighty popular iOS games with new additional content. Flight Control (TMA Review) for the iPhone receives the new Storm Airfield map. As the name implies, any aircraft zapped by lighting can’t turn for a period of Time. Meanwhile, Flight Control HD offers the new Moon Base Map, where you not only have to avoid other spacecrafts, but asteroids as well. More importantly, both Flight Control games now allow players to buy Rewind credits ($0.99 for 10 rewinds), which can then be used to turn back time and potentially earn higher scores by averting imminent disaster. Last but not least, the splendid puzzler SPY mouse is now Holiday themed (World 1). So expect snow, Christmas decorations, candy canes instead of cheese crumbs and more. Full “What’s New” details after the break.

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Flight Control HD now on sale for $0.99

Firemint announced earlier this morning that their bestselling Flight Control HD (see our iPhone review) has dropped in price from $4.99 to $0.99 for one day – an 80% discount. This is the first time Flight Control HD’s gone on sale, and at this price, no iPad should be without the game that started the whole line-drawing craze on the iDevice.

You’re an air traffic controller at an increasingly busy airport: just touch and drag aircraft to their landing zones. Sounds easy? You’ll need nerves of steel and smart strategy to keep the chaos under control! Flight Control HD has been especially redesigned for iPad, with all the iPhone content plus new ways to play, new maps and new graphics. It’s insanely addictive – easy to start, but impossible to stop, so get it now and find out what everyone is raving about!

If you’ve been holding out for a price drop on the iPad version, be sure to pick this one up before the deal’s over.

Flight Control HD Firemint, Flight Control HD, 17.8 MB – $0.99

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Firemint brings Real Racing HD and Flight Control HD to iPad + Video trailer

Firemint have officially announced the release of Real Racing HD and Flight Control HD for the iPad.  If you’ll recall, these two games on the iPhone and iPod Touch set the App Store on fire with their respective releases last year, with Flight Control even ushering the way for the countless line-drawing games that soon followed. Utilizing the iPad’s new hardware capabilities, Real Racing HD and Flight Control HD both feature great visuals and additional gameplay modes and content. From what we’ve seen, Firemint is looking like they have 2 sure-fire hit games on their hands once again. Video trailers and more info after the break!

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