FAA’s Free App of the Day – Flick Golf!

We’re working together with the team at Free App Alliance to highlight a great free app for you to check out.

Flick Golf! (TMA Review) is an extremely casual golf game. You don’t have to wear funny pants or hire a caddy in this offering from Full Fat, for example. Oh, and you don’t have to spend countless hours picking the perfect club with which to take your next shot. In fact, there are no clubs.

As its name suggest, you simply flick, spin, and curve your ball by swiping on your device’s screen.

There are still plenty of hazards to look out for, though, including bunkers, trees, pits filled with sand, and powerful gusts of wind. How many holes-in-one do you think you can get? If you dig fun and addictive casual (sports) games, be sure to grab both Flick Golf! for the iPhone and iPad while it’s still free.

Flick Golf! Full Fat, Flick Golf! (TMA Review) – Free
Flick Golf HD Full Fat, Flick Golf HD – Free

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Flick Golf! In Review – Tiger Woods, eat your golf club!

It’s hard to really imagine anything new in a sports video game. Overall, we have our range of titles from the absolutely arcade-y ones to the die-hard real-life simulations, though the principal generally stays the same. But every once in a while a stroke of genius hits a developer in the head (usually an indie one) and we get a unique perspective on a well-known sport. This time, that resulted in Flick Golf! – truly, golf reinvented!

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