Tired of OS 3.0’s new functionality? Click here to Downgrade and go Oldschool


Prefer the Old School? If you do, you can definitely downgrade, but be sure check the chart below to downgrade properly. Follow the steps outlined and you will have a brand new old iDevice for your Jailbreaking pleasure or just for bragging to your friends that your model ain’t the latest, but the longest in the tooth.

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Apple Giveth and Apple Taketh Away Again – OS 3.0 comes and goes for Japanese iPods


Appbank’s blog noted that 3.0 was available for download earlier today which was promptly eaten up by its administrator for 1200円. After paying out the goodly amount and updating, however, the iPod Touch remained with version 2.2. This is not an isolated report. At least three people at Appbank received news that 3.0 had debuted. After downloading however, their iPods also showed that 2.2, not 3.0 was installed.

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iPhone Firmware 3.0 Secrets: Video Camera Bared in Software or Slaved to a New iPhone?

30-iphonecameraMacrumors have uncovered an exciting feature that may actually make its way into iPhone 3.0 firmware. Yep, it is the video camera toggle that Apple have left out of the iPhone until now, rather forcing clever coders to come up with other means and other distribution methods to prove that the iPhone ain’t a joke. What’s unsure however is whether or not Apple will grant this feature to current iPhone users or if they will force a hardware upgrade for a piece of code.

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