Final Fantasy IV set to launch for iOS, FF 1-3 now on sale on App Store

With the announcement that Final Fantasy IV will be coming soon to iOS, Square Enix has dropped prices on their beloved FF games on the App Store. This marks the first time this year they’ve been discounted:

10 New App Store Games To Watch [August 27 – September 2]

There were certainly enough new arrivals to keep even the most discerning gamer busy on their iOS devices this week.  The biggest surprise to me was Final Fantasy Dimensions, the newest offering from Square Enix.  I don’t know what rock I’ve been living under, but I had no idea this game was coming to iOS devices, and you can even try the prologue for free.  If you’re more into puzzle games Illusion Labs has resurfaced with their latest concept called Blast-A-Way.  This 3D brain teaser has plenty of explosions, cute robots and even more adorable mischief makers.  If you just want something that proves you’re never too old to have fun, check out Granny Smith from No Can Win.  This quirky racer has you trying to recover apples before a rascally thief, and oh the places you’ll go.

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