Huge update to FileMaker’s “FileMaker Go” suite of apps

Available today is a huge update for both FileMaker Go for the iPhone and iPad. I reviewed the apps back in August and really enjoyed using them. That said, there were a few features I found missing – the biggest being the lack of camera/photo library support. I am glad to say that FileMaker has remedied this and now added support for images. With the latest version, users can now add photos to their database entries either using the camera or pulling from existing albums. Here’s what’s new in v1.1.1:

  • Take photos, add them to the database, and email as an attachment
  • Convert records to PDF and email file from the database
  • Save a copy of a database and email it as an attachment
  • Import records from FileMaker Pro databases to FileMaker Go via scripts
  • Be able to require users to re-log onto FileMaker Go after iPhone hibernates
  • Solves compatibility issues running on iPhone

Users of FileMaker (Mac) who require access to their databases remotely should definitely consider picking up the apps for their iDevices. They’re well designed and work as advertised. For all the updates and enhancements check out the press release after the jump.

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FileMaker Go In Review – Mobile database management for fileMaker manipulators!

When it comes to database management there’s no question in my mind that FileMaker is one of the best companies out there. A little over a year ago, I reviewed their app Bento for the iPhone and thought it was a great tool for both seasoned databasers and newcomers looking to simplify and better organise their lives. Well recently, the folks at FileMaker have released FileMaker Go catered to those seasoned users for all 3 iOS devices.
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Bento in Review – Manage Who You Are and What You Are. No Matter Where You Are.


With the goal of keeping it “as easy to use as your Mac”, Bento is one of the best Mac-based personal organisation and database tools available from its creator, FileMaker Inc. It boasts such features as across the board synchronization with iCal, Mail, as well as all your files and photos. Inclusion of Excel or iWork spreadsheets and a pretty stylish set of included ready-to-use templates makes it itself extremely useful on its own. Now, with the release of Bento for iPhone, all your information will be easily accessible no matter where you are.

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