10 New App Store Games To Watch [July 16 – 22]

The App Store had a lot of good new games to offer this week, but casual arcade games seemed to be in particularly good supply.  Chillingo unleashed Jelly Jumpers on us, and while it feels like a standard “climb from object to object as high as you can” style game, I still found myself becoming addicted to it.  Daily challenges, plenty of achievements and a continually growing score multiplier are enough to keep me coming back.  Follow The Rabbit is a cute, blocky puzzle game where you must collect coins, dodge enemies and ultimately keep sight of the elusive white rabbit.  It also has the distinction of being the first Armor Games iOS release that is not a port from their existing library.  Great Big War Game is the sequel to Great Little War Game, and it looks to continue the “lack of Advance Wars” fix that many of us mobile gamers need.  With 50 single player missions and online capabilities, you should be fighting the good fight for quite some time.

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Fieldrunners 2 has landed on iPhone

Fieldrunners 2, the sequel to arguably the most celebrated tower defense game on iOS and one that ushered in a wave of TD games onto the plaform, has finally arrived on the iPhone. Developer Subatomic Studios spent the past several years creating Fieldrunners 2 and it clearly shows, with gamers treated to over 20 new levels and 20 unique, upgradable weapons, along with 3 different type of levels (Sudden Death, Time Trial, and Puzzle) and Retina Support to show off the gorgeous hand painted artwork. Currently, only the iPhone version is available ($2.99), with plans for an iPad release in the future. I’ve only logged about an hour or so thus far, but have already found it to be terribly addictive. Perhaps best of all, there are no IAPs to suck your iTunes credits dry; instead virtual currency can be earned in-game to buy items. Check out the extended gameplay video after the gap.

Fieldrunners 2 Subatomic Studios, Fieldrunners 2 – $2.99

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