Oceanhorn in Review – If We Can’t Have Zelda, I’ll Take This


Games like Diablo certainly popularized the concept, but in my opinion one of the earliest examples of a good action / RPG was The Legend Of Zelda.  There have been many installments in the franchise, but more importantly there have been a ton of wannabes made in an attempt to provide the same type of game to non-Nintendo platforms.  Some of them have succeeded to a limited degree, but Oceanhorn is one of the few to do so in both mechanics and spirit, and probably the only one for the iOS platform so far.  Apparently you don’t need a tri-force for this type of game to be fun. Continue reading…

FAA’s Free App of the Day – Blosics

We’re working together with the team at Free App Alliance to highlight a great free app for you to check out everyday.

Looking for another physics-puzzler? If so, Blosics could be for you. In Blosics, you have to clear screenfuls of colourful blocks by firing equally colourful power balls at them. They come in 13 different varieties – each of which features a unique ability.

There are 120 levels to play through in this offering from FDG Entertainment (creators of Blueprint 3D), and plenty of achievements to unlock. Blosics for iPhone is free for a very limited time, while Blosics HD for the iPad is currently on sale for $0.99.

Blosics FDG Entertainment, Blosics – Free

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Blueprint 3D in Review – Now where did I leave that pencil?


Out of all my university courses, my least favourite was probably mechanical drawing. You know, where you have to meticulously prepare a technical image of an object to scale according to all the rules and regulations. I’ve had little problems understanding how it should look like, but doing it neatly – let’s just say that it didn’t always go according to plan. I’ve even had dreams about the sketches, though they were more like nightmares. And funnily enough, those drawings in my dreams looked almost exactly like Blueprint 3D.

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Beyond Ynth in Review – A Cool Puzzler with a Steep Learning Curve

Beyond Ynth is a new puzzler by FDG Entertainment, who is no stranger to the App Store, having published titles like Across Age , Kryzer, and Parachute Panic. It is the official successor to Ynth, which was released over a year ago by krabl.com. In Beyond Ynth, you play as Kribl, a ladybug sent by the queen of Kriblonia on a quest to retrieve the diamonds scattered by the four dark spiders of the apocalypse. In order to do so, you must travel through wooden mazes, dodge obstacles and collect diamonds whenever possible.

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Across Age in Review – It’s time to go Back to the FUTURE!

The amount of anime-style RPG games already on the AppStore (as well as those on their way) is simply startling. Among the scores of such titles, gems are rare and it is getting increasingly more difficult to get noticed. FDG Entertainment however thinks they have the key – cooperation and time-travelling. Is it enough to put Across Age ™ apart from the crowd? Let’s find out!

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Kryzer Prologue in Review – 360° of Pure Action


360°. A full circle. That’s what Kryzer Prologue is based off of! You control the flight path an inter-dimensional cyberspace glider as it vaporizes enemy units. Instead of traditional side scrolling or vertical shoot ‘em ups, Kryzer Prologue’s unique gameplay sets you in a circular play field as you rotate clockwise around the circle.

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Bobby Carrot 1 in Review – He’s no Bugs Bunny

bobbycarrotclassic1Let’s rewind to April 2004 shall we? Five years ago the beloved Bobby Carrot was born! Bobby Carrot started off as a J2ME Mobile game. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Bobby Carrot, FDG software has started releasing four of the Bobby Carrot prequels priced at only $0.99 every month. Let’s see how the first prequel stacks up against the most recent Bobby Carrot game.
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