iPhone 3GS: 6.7x the speed of the 3G – なんとiPhone 3Gより6.7倍も早い!


In light of recent news, it is only fitting that another hardcore app, Firemint seamy, unapproved racer is barred from the App Store. Like Allen Leung’s Hottest Girls which should return armed with beefier bikinis and fewer nipple shots, Firemint have a hard-core version of their racer that likely won’t fit Apple’s stringent approval system.

The skinny? The ‘tech demo’ as it is dubbed, features more rubber, more steam and a greater affinity for crashes and dangerous situations – it is simply that hard-core. (video after the jump)

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Updated: “Holy crap, this thing is fast” – Dev Black Pixel’s 3GS Benchmarks

rumour-iphone-3gs-powervrsgxWhile not a graceful runner, Donnovan Bailey was fast – especially as he gassed over the ‘fastest man on the earth’, Michael Johnson in a special fit-for-the-faker 150m race about 10 years ago. I saw it at the SkyDome and it deeply touched me, but what a crock! Well, the 3GS is no faker: it is a powerful machine that Black Pixel‘s ejaculation, “Holy crap, this thing is fast” certainly supports.

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Safari 4 – New, Fast, Friendly and Fastened

news-safari-4Despite the lamentable changes in the laptop line, WWDC brought excitement to the scene with great announcements about Snow Leopard, iPhone OS 3.0 and a the new, faster iPhone 3GS. In all the rush of news and disappointments, it would be easy to forget that Safari 4, Apple’s latest version of their svelte web browser emerged from beta to greet eager downloaders last evening.

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